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The media loves a Sir Ranulph story

When you’ve been in the public eye for as long as Sir Ranulph, you know how to give the people what they want - and they generally want his unique brand of machismo delivered with a sparkle in the eye.


His is a life full of stories that are hard for mere mortals to believe. Like the one where he cut off his own frostbitten fingertips with a hacksaw because his wife said they were making him irritable. And the one where he was the oldest Briton to finish the Marathon des Sables, the world’s toughest footrace, in searing heat. And the one where his foot got so frostbitten that even antibiotics wouldn’t help it - that happened on the same expedition where his partner fell down a crevice and Sir Ranulph had to pull him up single-handedly before they both died. 


You’ve seen him in Top Gear’s reasonably-priced car - incidentally, his favourite ever media appearance was on Top Gear - in Countdown’s Dictionary Corner, and in multiple interviews and panel shows over the years. You most recently saw him with his cousin, actor Joseph Fiennes, recreating the famed 1969 expedition along the River Nile in a three-part National Geographic adventure series, Fiennes: Return to the Nile. 


He may be 75, but Sir Ranulph Fiennes is not slowing down. There will be more media appearances to come, detailing more adventures and more gripping tales, so keep an eye on your local listings.

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